The lightest vacuum tube guitar amplifiers in the world

Handmade in Texas, USA.

Honeydripper Amps started with a simple idea: build a lightweight tube amp with great tone for the gigging musician. Introducing The Sugar Bee - our lightest amp weighing only 24 pounds and providing 45 watts of killer tube tone.... a real back saver for the musician that lacks roadies, yet demands great tone. This amp sounds fabulous; after all, it won the coveted Guitar Player’s “Editors Pick” Award

With a custom designed 12 inch speaker, the Sugar Bee provides endless possibilities for tonal variations through an array of voicing, drive, and boost options; and features classic analog spring reverb and tremolo.

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Sugar Bee Sound

Leave your pedals at home.

See the sugar bee in action!

Texas guitar legend Van Wilks test drives a Sugar Bee to audience approval.

Stay tuned for more videos, demo's, and sound files...

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 Honeydripper Amps is the brainchild of Gerald Weber (legendary founder of Kendrick Amps), David McGrew and Rick Dielman, three guitar players from the Greater Austin, Texas area, and Ulrich Neumann a mad scientist and guitar player from southern California. 

Honeydripper Mission


Honeydripper Amps builds, bulletproof, full featured tube amps with killer tone, which are astonishingly light--for working musicians.  These amps love your ears and your back, like nobody else. 


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