Honeydripper Amplifiers

How it works

 Traditional tube amplifiers incorporate a two heavy blocks of iron transformers for the power stage and output stage. The power transformer operates the large power tubes, and the output transformer blocks direct current (DC) from getting to the speaker, and adds current to the voltage amplification from the preamp to create wattage to drive the speaker. This is where Honeydripper Amps are different.  We incorporate an active output transformer with “patent applied for” technology that consists of a matrix of transistors, diodes, capacitors and resistors that add enough current to a 12AX7 to produce 45 watts while blocking any DC from the 12AX7. The components involved weigh only a few ounces and are powered by a small “switching power supply” – similar to a laptop computer power supply.  Therefore, the typical big power transformer normally used with a pair of 6L6s isn’t needed. And only a very small transformer is needed to run the 12AX7s because 12AX7s run on very little current. This cuts about 18 lbs or more off the amp. Since there are no heavy transformers; a smaller, lighter, aluminum chassis is used to further drop the weight. Because the chassis weighs so little, a ½” solid pine cabinet rather than the typical ¾” cabinet is used and is actually more resonant than the ¾”. Of course, this drops the weight even further. Without the footswitch and power cord, the amp weighs only 24 lbs – unheard of for a 45 watt tube guitar amp.